Republican Sen. Greg Ball isn’t changing his tune when it comes to suggesting the 19-year-old suspected of bombing the Boston Marathon should be tortured.

Indeed, he’s booked several interviews to double down on his tweet that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev should be tortured in order to extract information, following a statement on Sunday that wouldn’t back off from an initial tweet.

Ball, who will be a guest on Capital Tonight, appeared on Fox News, saying he would be “first in line” if it meant to gain needed information that could prevent another attack.

“I think at the end of the day a lot of politicians are full of crap,” he said. “They’re scared to say how they feel. I think I’ve said what a lot of red blooded Americans felt and it comes down to this: When you talk about terrorism, information matters. If getting that information including torture and if getting that information saves one innocent life, including children, I would be first in line.”

For anyone who has followed Ball’s career, the comments aren’t too surprising.

Ball has been known for saying pretty much whatever he likes and then maximizing the publicity in the wake of the comments.

The chairman of the Senate Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs Committee, Ball has garnered controversy on a range of subjects, including a hearing on terrorism that featured a witness critical of Islam.

But Ball, who was not the first choice of Senate Republicans in a heated 2010 primary, has not sought to rock the boat within the GOP conference and has an extensive constituent services operation melded with an energetic GOTV program for general elections.

Ball has in the past eyed the Hudson Valley Congressional seat now held by Democratic Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, but so far has not given any indication he will run for the House in 2014.