Gov. Andrew Cuomo released the following statement in response to today’s bombing at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, the details of which are still being reported:

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Boston and Massachusetts as reports come in on the horrific tragedy at the Boston Marathon. I have directed state agencies, including the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, State Police, the MTA and the Port Authority, to be on a heightened state of alert as we learn more about this incident.”

“New York National Guard on Sunday sent three vehicles and 6 soldiers to support the Marathon, and they are on hand to assist with emergency response and work together with local authorities following this incident.”

We also received this from the White House:

“Shortly after being notified of the incident around 3pm EDT, the President received a briefing from Homeland Security adviser Lisa Monaco and other members of his senior White House staff in the Oval Office. ”

“The President called Boston Mayor Tom Menino and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick to express his concern for those who were injured and to make clear that his administration is ready to provide needed support as they respond to the incident.”

Mayor Bloomberg said the NYPD has stepped up security at “strategic locations and critical infrastructure,” and he asked all New Yorkers “to keep the victims and their families in your thoughts and prayers.”

“Some of the security steps we are taking may be noticeable, including deployment of Critical Response Vehicles and additional police personnel, and others will not be,” the mayor continued.

“We have 1,000 members of the NYPD assigned to counter-terrorism duties, and they – along with the entire NYPD and the investments we have made in counter-terrorism infrastructure – are being fully mobilized to protect our city.”

Other responses from various New York elected officials are trickling in. I believe the first to hit my in box was the following from GOP Sen. Greg Ball (who, by the way, is a runner):

“My thoughts and prayers go out to the citizens of Boston and the families of those involved in today’s explosions and I thank and salute those first responders, citizens and law enforcement who are tending to the victims as we speak.”

“While reports remain unclear, it is important that New Yorkers and all Americans remain vigilant. The blessing of freedom bears an enormous responsibility and we must all work together as a community to watch over each other. We must always be alert and remember that our brave citizens are our very first line of defense. If you see something, say something.”

NYC Comptroller John Liu (a Democratic mayoral candidate) sent this:

“The bombings at the Boston Marathon show that cities must redouble their vigilance in combating acts of terror and sabotage. Our prayers go out to the families of those killed or injured.”

And another mayoral contender, NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, said:

“This is a painful day for all Americans. My heart goes out to the families and friends of those killed and injured in today’s terrible explosions. We take resolve in witnessing the service and bravery of the police and first responders who ran to the blast area to save lives and help the victims. We have every confidence that working together, law enforcement will use its resources to bring the perpetrators to justice.”