Is this Albany, or the CIA?

With all the spying going on around the state Capitol these days, you could be forgiven for mistaking the Legislature for some kind of covert undercover operation.

On the heels of last month’s revelation that now former Assemblyman Nelson Castro had been wearing a wire for federal prosecutors determined to bust some of his fellow corrupt colleagues for almost his entire tenture in office comes the news that yet another legislator agreed to use a recording device at the feds’ behest.

As the New York Times first reported that former Sen. Shirley Huntley “recorded multiple elected officials at the direction of federal prosecutors last year while she was still serving in the Legislature.”

The court documents which appear below and reveal that Huntley, who pleaded guilty to corruption charges in January, recorded meetings with nine different people, seven of whom were elected officials and two others who had previously worked as a consultant or staff member to a public official.

These recordings might result in more charges against another, unnamed senator, and two other elected officials. More from the Times:

“According to the court papers, as part of their investigation, law enforcement officials conducted a wiretap of Ms. Huntley’s cellphone in April and May of 2012. F.B.I. agents then confronted the senator with evidence gathered from the wiretap, and she retained a lawyer and later attempted to cooperate with the authorities, according to the papers, which were filed in Federal District Court in Brooklyn by three assistant United States attorneys.”

“Between June and August of 2012, Ms. Huntley, acting at the direction of law enforcement, proceeded to make recordings. The court papers said the recordings “did yield evidence useful to law enforcement authorities” about the unnamed state senator and two other elected officials, and that details of the recordings would be discussed in a sealed letter to be filed with the court next week.”

Huntley pleaded guilty in federal court in January to funneling over $87,000 in taxpayer money through a nonprofit organization that she was running, and is scheduled to be sentenced on Thursday. She lost her seat in last year’s Democratic primary to now-Sen. James Sanders.

The former senator apparently also took a bribe as well. Prosecutors say that in March 2012, Huntley was contacted by “State Senator #1” while she was still a sitting senator. (This has been corrected).

The unnamed senator wanted Huntley to use her position to help a busniessman who was seeking to expand at JFK International Airport, which is located in Huntley’s Queens district, in exchange for cash.

Senator #1 set up the meeting, and Huntley did receive $1,000, which she did not disclose to the state Board of Elections as a contribution, but she was never able to obtain a lease for additional space from the Port Authority.

Huntley Sentencing Doc