State lawmakers are angry at the spate of corruption scandals that hit Albany in recent weeks, saying they’ve been unfairly painted with a broad brush, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said this afternoon.

Cuomo called the corruption news — three lawmakers arrested, an ex-senator sentenced to 366 days in prison, six sitting senators secretly recorded as part of a federal investigation — has been “emotionally draining” on elected officials.

“There’s a broad range of reaction among the legislators,” Cuomo said. “Some are angry at their colleagues. Some are angry at the broad brush by which the media has painted them. You have a whole range of emotion. You know, the way you react when someone says the media or the LCA is blank. You take it personally.”

He rejected the idea in a question from NY1’s Zack Fink — jokingly, it would appear — that there’s a “climate of fear” at the Capitol in the midst of the scandals and wire-wearing lawmakers.

“Do you feel fear, Zack? Are you afraid,” Cuomo asked, repeating the question to his top aide Larry Schwartz. “I don’t detect a climate of fear.”

In the news conference, which came after a legislative leaders meeting and a presentation on the ongoing effort to privatize the Long Island Power Authority, Cuomo seemed hesitant to even discuss the issue of whether his post-budget agenda would be hurt by the scandals.

Do you really want to discuss this?” he asked to reporters.

Cuomo still wants to pass a plan to locate casinos and a women’s agenda that includes a plan to enhance abortion rights. Both face headwinds in the Legislature even before the public corruption arrests.

But already the governor is seeking to paint the session as a success: the third on-time budget in a row, the passage of a sweeping gun control control law and the increase to the state’s minimum wage being among them.

“You tend to focus on snapshots that are episodic,” Cuomo said. “The legislative session has been a phenomenal success. The first week of the session we passed nationally impactful legislation that will save lives. In the budget, we passed all sorts of laws and made all sorts of policy in the budget.”

He added “there’s still significant issues” to tackle.

As for scandals, Cuomo said he’s not going to be sidetracked.

“It’s basically irrelevant unless you allow it to become relevant,” he said.