The umbrella group formed to push for a system of public financing on a statewide level says some of its members are being shut out of a Senate Republican-backed hearing on abuses within the New York City system.

The group Fair Elections released a letter that urged Senate Elections Committee Chairman Tom O’Mara, a Republican, and Sen. Diane Savino, an IDC member, to include tehm in the hearing.

The letter, dated Friday, was signed by members of the coalition, including Common Cause’s Susan Lerner, Lawrence Norden of the Brennan Center for Justice, NYPIRG’s Bill Mahoney and David Palmer of the Center for Working Families.

“Given our organizations’ collective expertise on the subject of the May 7th public hearing, we respectfully request the opportunity to participate and present testimony,” they wrote. “We strongly believe that our expertise would assist the members of the committee in developing a fuller understanding of the issues presented; conversely, excluding testimony from our groups will prevent the committee from receiving a well-rounded, full airing of views on the issues of corruption and campaign finance reform.”

But today Fair Elections says those members aren’t being included in the hearing, which will likely take a critical look at the New York City public financing system. They plan to attend anyway in case they can testify.

Already alternative programming to the hearing on public financing is already in the works. Mahoney plans a news conference on Tuesday to shine a light on the thousands of violations of election law that go unenforced.

And in interview earlier today (and before this letter was released) O’Mara reiterated his opposition to public financing.

“Your dollars, your taxes, may be going to fund someone’s campaign who may have the complete opposite ideological views than you do and your dollars are going to support that,” O’Mara said. “I don’t think that’s appropriate.”

Witnesses both in favor and against public financing will be able to testify at the hearing, O’Mara said.

“We are having witnesses on both sides of the issue. We’ve got a representative from the New York City campaign faincne board as well as the state Board of Elections,” he said. “There will be a couple of witnesses in support of the campaign financing system.”

Group Letter Re May 7 Hearing by Nick Reisman