In a Facebook post this afternoon Sen. Diane Savino called the Fair Elections coalition a “front” for the Jonathan Soros and the labor-backed Working Families Party.

She was responding to a post from earlier today on mailers in her district pushing her and Albany lawmakers to approve a public financing measure by the end of June.

“I rest my case….the whole Fair Elections is a front for Soros and his buddies at the Working Families Party which used to stand for something, now they just sell themselves to the highest bidder!!” Savino wrote when linking to the post.

The mailers are being funded by Friends of Democracy, a political action committee funded in part by Soros, the son of liberal billionaire financier George Soros.

Fair Elections is a coalition of mostly liberal and union-aligned groups backing a bill that would publicly finance campaigns, including the WFP.

Savino is a member of the Independent Democratic Conference, which is in a governing coalition with Republicans in the Senate.

Though GOP lawmakers oppose public financing, the IDC has its own bill that would publicly finance campaigns.

The package also includes a ban on soft money or “housekeeping” accounts, which isn’t included in the Fair Elections legislation.

Update: Fair Elections spokesman Morgan Hook responds to Savino.

“The Fair Elections for New York campaign has been clear that all of our partners want to see the Senate pass comprehensive campaign finance reform with public funding at its core,” he said. “Senator Savino says she supports this, and we are simply asking her to bring it to the senate floor for a vote. New Yorkers are demanding it, and our elected officials shouldn’t come home without it.”

The group also lists its various members on its website.