Women in the Assembly’s Democratic conference held an impromptu news conference this afternoon to insist they would not support breaking down the women’s agenda into 10 separate pieces of legislation.

The news conference was quickly followed by a gaggle with Republican women in the Assembly, who questioned why their Democratic colleagues wanted to sacrifice the less controversial components of the agenda at the expense of the abortion issue.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who first announced the women’s agenda in his State of the State address in January, earlier today in a radio interview said it would be “absurd” if the Democratic-led Assembly didn’t take up the individual measures so they would be compatible with what the Senate plans to do.

Still, the public call to hold firm on the omnibus packae comes after Democratic women in the Assembly met privately this morning with Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who wanted to gauge their support for holding a new vote on the individual bills.

The result: No new vote.

“There are individual bills, pay equity, that have been on the Senate’s desk now for months,” said Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas of Queens. “They haven’t acted. What makes us think now because we negotiated a package in good faith and watered down some version, some of protections we wanted. We were led to believe we would have a package that ensured equality for all of us.”

“We will not accept anything less than 10,” added Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal.

Almost immediately the much smaller gruop of Republican women members of the Assembly arrived to holder a counter gaggle, saying that nine measures of the bill could be made law if the Assembly Democratic conference budged.

“Why can’t we bring them to the floor, vote on the other nine that do change New York state law,” said Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney.

Others referenced the Vito Lopez scandal and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s handling of it.

“This is a man’s world. We have very strong women who are elexted to the New York state Assembly,” said Assemblywoman Annie Rabbit. “They should not be afraid of one man who rules the New York state Assembly. It’s a day that I’m really ashamed to be a member of the New York state Assembly.”