A spokeswoman for Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos sad in a statement this afternoon that “nothing has changed” when it comes to the conference’s position on the abortion provision in the 10-point women’s agenda as Gov. Andrew Cuomo seeks to tweak the language to explicitly re-affirm a ban on partial-birth abortion.

“From the start, we’ve said that what the Governor is proposing is either unnecessary or an extreme measure that expands late-term abortion. Nothing has changed,” Kelly Cummings said in a statement. “We remain confident, however, that an agreement can be reached on the other 9 points of the overall proposal, allowing us to achieve passage of a strong women’s equality agenda for New York.”

Supporters of the legislation aren’t giving up just yet, however. They plan to continue to push for the full 10-point agenda including the abortion plank. NARAL Pro-Choice New York’s Andrea Miller said in a phone interview that it’s up to the Senate’s coalition leadership — esepcially IDC Leader Jeff Klein — to get a vote on the bill.

“It’s certainly encouraging to see that the proposal we put out have cleared up misconceptions about the partial-birth abortion claim, but we certainly look forward to havnig adialogue with Senator Bonacic and other senators who wish to have an honest dialogue about moving this historic legislation forward,” Miller said. “The key here now is leadership needs to show leadership and bring this legislation forward — particularly Senator Klein who supports the womne’s agenda and long supported a woman’s right to choose. Now is the time to demonstrate that.”

The coalition rules requiring that both Skelos and Klein agree mutually on bills before they come to the floor for a vote. Klein backs the legislation, but ultimately can do little to force a vote in the face of the GOP’s opposition without destroying that agreement.