From the Capital Tonight morning memo:

Sources with knowledge of the ongoing effort to approve the women’s agenda this morning said Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is under increasing pressure to signal that he’ll take up the individual bills as the coalition-led Senate plans to today.

The Democratic-led Assembly on Thursday approved the governor’s omnibus women’s agenda, which includes all 10 points in one single bill.

But to make the women’s agenda more palatable for the coalition-controlled Senate and open up new avenues for possible passage, Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday broke the package down to 10 individual bills and sent those measures up to the Legislature as well.

The Senate plans today to take up nine out of 10 bills, excluding the measure that’s aimed at updating the state’s abortion laws by codifying the Roe v. Wade decision.

Should the Senate pass the measures individually, the whole episode becomes a moot point since the Assembly-approved omnibus is not compatible.

Now sources at the Capitol believe it’s up to Silver to say he’ll take the bills up individually in order to move the abortion question in Senate.

“Some Senators don’t want to take a tough vote needlessly if it hurts their career,” a source said this morning. “They need to have Shelly say if it comes back to me, I’m going to do it.”

The remaining components of the women’s agenda include efforts aimed at stemming domestic violence, discrimination in housing and the workplace, along with strengthening anti-human trafficking laws.

Silver yesterday received a hero’s welcome from women lawmakers and the coalition assembled to boost the agenda at a news conference following the 98-47 vote in the Assembly.

The speaker has not given a clear indication as to what he would do one way or the other. Silver, however, seems to be leaning toward sticking to the omnibus package. He told reporters yesterday that the complete package was the product of a three-way agreement after both sides conceded issues to make a deal.

After all, the Senate hasn’t approved anything at all on the women’s agenda at that point, so why should he follow their lead?

“The Senate hasn’t passed anything, so there’s no decision to be made at this point,” Silver said. “We don’t deal with what ifs. We’re here. We’ll deal with issues as they come up.”

That may not be good enough for the speaker, however, given that he is already embroiled in criticism for his handling of the Vito Lopez sexual harassment scandal and effort to conceal more than $100,000 in settlement funds.

“If this doesn’t happen it’s because Shelly is unwilling to come back,” another source said.