The effort to get a vote on the entire 10-point women’s agenda is about to get more intense.

The coalition of women’s groups backing Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s 10-point agenda are taking aim at Independent Democratic Conference Leader Jeff Klein, the co-president of the Senate, in a TV ad that directly blames him for blocking the measure.

“Senator Jeff Klein made a promise to New York’s women,” the narrator of the ad says. “Klein promised to support our right to choose. Now Klein is blocking a vote on the Women’s Equality Act.”

The ad released late this afternoon comes right before the final week of the legislative session in Albany and a day after Republicans in the Senate rejected an amendment that would have added additional language to the abortion component in the bill.

Cuomo and supporters included an abortion plank aimed at codifying Roe v. Wade decision in New York law, but opponents contend the move is an expansion of existing abortion rights.

The proposed language would have acknowledged a ban on partial-birth abortion, which is illegal on the federal level and can’t be changed by a state.

Klein, who is in favor of abortion rights, shares power in the Senate with Republican Leader Dean Skelos. Under the terms of the power-sharing agreement, both Skelos and Klein must agree jointly to which bills come to the floor for a vote.

Skelos and the Republican leadership have said they would not allow a vote on the abortion plank in the women’s agenda, but are open to the other nine points aimed at strengthening anti-discrimination and human trafficking laws.

Cuomo in a radio interview this morning once again urged the coalition’s leadership to hold a vote on the entire bill, even if it doesn’t pass.

“Here, you have two parties stopping a vote, in essence,” Cuomo told Susan Arbetter on The Capitol Pressroom. “They want to say they’re not and point the finger at the other guy, and the truth is, in some ways, they’re both stopping the vote. And I believe the vote should be taken so there is clarity.”

And passage of the entire plan is indeed uncertain. Deputy Senate Republican Leader Tom Libous told reporters on Thursday that he doesn’t believe enough votes are available in the chamber for the measure to pass.

“I’m not sure the votes are there. People say there are votes in the conference,” Libous said. “I think the conference is pretty firm on the issue. I don’t know where those votes are. I’ve read about the fact that they exist somewhere, but I don’t know if they are there.”

In a news release announcing the TV spot, the women’s coalition said, “We look forward to working with Sen. Klein and the rest of the legislature over the next week in passing this bill.”

The legislative session is scheduled to conclude Thursday.