As expected, Gov. Andrew Cuomo approved an amendment to the January gun control law that would exempt retired law enforcement from certain aspects of the law.

The amendment was actually signed Friday, his office confirmed.

Cuomo had been expected to sign the amendment that was approved in the Democratic-led Assembly in May and later passed — somewhat by surprise — in the coalition-led Senate in the early morning hours of June 30.

Supporters of the gun law had insisted the measure wasn’t a change, but more of a clarification.

“This bill is not correcting a mistake in the Safe Act,” said Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh, a Manhattan Democrat, in May. “It was acknowledged at the time we passed the SAFE Act, that it was not intended to apply to active duty police officers. There was a question which retirees ought to be able to carry weapons that are no longer available to civilians and this bill addresses that.”

But opponents of the measure said the episode only served to show how the bill was approved in haste and with flaws. Some Republicans also questioned why former military personnel weren’t excluded.

“There was a time that I hoped this could be redeemable that with all its flaws and all of its haste that it could be salvaged by chipping away at it,” said Republican Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor. “This is not a dialogue, therefore there can’t be any compromise with someone who is not willing to compromise. This bill wasn’t thought out.”

The amendment to exempt former law enforcement was first raised on the day of its passage.

During budget negotiations the issue was raised as well, only to fizzle during the talks.