While the Bill de Blasio camp slammed Christine Quinn in a new web video highlighting her support for Ray Kelly (see Nick Reisman’s post below), the Quinn camp released a video and site of their own.

They are channeling Charles Dickens.

The new site, “A Tale of Two De Blasios,” promises to post an anti-de Blasio “tale” every weekday. By my count, that makes 14 before the Democratic primary.

The first “tale” rips de Blasio for suggesting in a 2005 speaker debate that term limits should be changed via legislation.

At the time, Baruch’s Doug Muzzio posed this question: should members of the City Council serve longer than the mayor? It’s an argument some have made for years given the mayor’s office has significantly more power than the City Council. Giving council members another term, some argue, would help balance that out.

This is the exchange in full, courtesy of Gotham Gazette, part of which is cut off in the Quinn video:

Bill deBlasio: I think next year after extensive public discussion, after extensive hearings, I think we should move forward with an additional four-year term through the legislative process. I think that’s so important because council members must work across mayoral terms. The charter, I think, has not provided the proper balance between the mayor and the council. I think that something we also have to work on, but certainly as we’ve experienced term limits we’ve learned that in practice it further saps some of the councils ability to play the role of a strong legislature and a strong check and balance, and that’s why I think adding an additional four year term would really create greater balance and allow members to gain additional expertise and strengthen their role.

Doug Muzzio: How should it be accomplished?

Bill deBlasio: Through legislation, after a full, public debate.

And for context, Quinn’s answer really wasn’t very different. See below:

Doug Muzzio: Christine?

Christine Quinn: I also oppose term limits for some of the reasons David mentioned and others. I think it doesn’t allow elected officials enough time to become experts on the issues we need to be experts on in the legislature. And also, it does overly empower the staff…at city hall. I think we should make changes to term limitations legislatively. It is an issue I would want to discuss immediately with my colleagues if I were elected speaker. I’m inclined to think 12 years is the right timeframe, but I’m not committed to that because I think it really is a decision we all have to come to collectively in the new city council.

If there are 14 more of these, I wonder what is coming next.