Wire-wearing former Assemblyman Nelson Castro pleaded guilty today to making false statements to federal authorities back in June and faces up to five years in prison.

Castro, a Bronx Democrat, surrendered to authorities earlier today, according to the details of a plea agreement.

Federal law enforcement says Castro posted $100,000 bond and turned over his passport.

According to documents released today, Castro made false statements to federal officials on June 17.

Castro had claimed to federal law enforcement he had not spoken to the press in May nor had he revealed his cooperation a corruption case when in actuality, he had.

A YouTube video of the interview from May with Castro can be found here.

Castro was investigated in 2008 by the Bronx district attorney’s office for perjury relating to his campaign for a first term ot the Assembly.

After he was elected, Castro began working as a cooperating witness for the U.S. Attorney’s Office and later recorded conversations with Assemblyman Eric Stevenson, who allegedly sought bribes in exchange for writing favorable legislation to build adult day centers.

He is due to be sentenced on Jan. 30 of next year.

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