The NY Post reports this morning that a group of African-American Democratic leaders, headed by state Party Co-Chair Keith Wright, are mobilizing to try to erode the support among black voters enjoyed by former Gov. Eliot Spitzer as he heads into the final weeks of his NYC comptroller battle with his primary opponent, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer.

But just one week ago, Wright didn’t appear to have any problems with Spitzer. In fact, he greeted him quite warmly – with a big bear hug – at the Dominican Parade on Aug. 11. The hug was caught on camera (at about the 50-second mark) by

Wright not only hugs Spitzer, but then keeps his arm around the disgraced former governor, grinning broadly all the while, and can then be heard introducing Spitzer to his son.

Not only is Wright Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s handpicked state party co-chair (along with Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner), but he is also an assemblyman and serves as chair of the Manhattan Democratic Party.