Former U.S. Attorney Michael Garcia says he’s not a candidate for statewide office, but he isn’t ruling anything out.

Garcia was the keynote speaker at the state Republican Party’s annual organizational meeting last night.

He told YNN’s Karen Tararache that for now it’s “an honor” to have his name out there (watch Karen’s full report here).

“At this point I have not to decided to run for anything,” Garcia said. “I’m not a candidate for anything. I’m really just here to meet folks, give the keynote and just kind of generally mingle. I don’t think people want a yes or no or maybe. You never say you’re never going to do something. It’s an honor to have your name in the hopper.”

Garcia reportedly is not running for attorney general next year, but Republican Chairman Ed Cox has been careful to say in denying the report that the former prosecutor is still a potential candidate for “statewide office.”

Overall, Garcia says it’s best for the Republicans to present to voters a “credible choice” next year in a statewide contest in which comptroller, the AG and the governor’s office is up for re-election.

“I think it’s the responsbility of the party to give people that choice,” he said.

Garcia is also the attorney representing Senate Republicans in its interaction with the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption.

Last week, Garcia co-signed a letter in which the Senate and Assembly refused to turn over any more information on lawmakers’ outside income or their legal clients than is already required by state law.

Garcia wouldn’t comment on his work for the Senate.

Speaking of the Senate, which is currently led by a coalition of Republicans and four indepedent Democrats, newly installed SRCC Chairwoman Cathy Young of Olean made clear last night the goal is to recapture the majority outright in 2014.

“I believe that by taking back the full majority in 2014 we can really focus on creating jobs, growing our economy, creating opporunties so our young people can stay after they graduate… we’re going to work as hard as we can and I believe we’ll have great success,” she said.