College Democrats of New York are pushing Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi to challenge GOP Rep. Richard Hanna.

In a release issued earlier today, the group points to a Public Policy Poll that showed incumbent Republicans in New York, and across the country, they would be venerable against a generic Democratic candidate.

The PPP as an indicator of Democrats having an advantage in the wake of the federal governemnt shutdown has been debunked in a few places.

Still, College Democrats beliebe Brindisi, a second-term state lawmaker, has a shot in the NY-22 next year.

“Republicans in Congress have stymied the progressive priorities young New Yorkers deeply care about,” said Colin Crowley, President of the College Democrats of New York. “New York’s young people need representatives who will not be backbenchers, relegating leadership to tea party extremists like Ted Cruz and Eric Cantor, but advocates with the courage to stand up for their constituents need: affordable higher education, middle class jobs, and the funding our schools need. Anthony Brindisi is an attorney, an advocate, and the leader New York’s young people need in Washington.”

Hanna defeated Democrat Dan Lamb for his re-election in 2012.