A reader forwarded this fascinating mailer being sent out by Elliott Auerbach, a Democrat who is seeking re-election to his post as Ulster County comptroller on Nov. 5, that prominently features both an endorsement from Gov. Andrew Cuomo on one side AND a plug for the casino expansion amendment, Prop. 1, on the other.

Cuomo, as you’ll recall, is generally pretty judicious with his endorsements, preferring to hand them out only in instances of 1) political expedience (like, say, the tight race for Westchester County executive where he would personally benefit from the defeat of incumbent Republican Rob Astorino, who has been mentioned as a potential future gubernatorial contender); or 2) almost certain victory by his preferred candidate; or 3) when his nod is highly likely to make the difference between victory and defeat in the 11th hour of a campaign.

But this campaign season, the governor has been handing out endorsements left and right in local races, backing everyone from county executive candidates to local legislators and even – as this mailer demonstrates – comptrollers.

Cleary, Team Cuomo sees these local races as an opportunity to reach voters in an “off” election year on what has become Cuomo’s signature issue in this cycle. The governor has linked himself so personally to the outcome of the Prop. 1 vote that a loss would be very embarrassing indeed.

In Auerbach’s case, there’s an added incentive for Cuomo to get involved: The comptroller hails from Ellenville, which is home to the former Nevele Hotel – a site expected to be a top contender for a casino should Prop. 1 pass muster with the voters on Election Day.

And Auerbach isn’t the only local candidate getting this sort of treatment. A reader from Westchester County says a county legislator has campaign literature that touts an endorsement from Cuomo and twin pro-Prop. 1 banners. The state Democratic Party reportedly paid for the lit.