Onondaga County GOP Chairman Tom Dadey says he has concerns with the idea of a Trump gubernatorial candidacy, suggesting that the reality TV show host and businessman would be primarily running to promote Donald Trump.

“I like the idea of putting in a very successful businesssperson to be our candidate,” Dadey told YNN Syracuse‘s Bill Carey. “My fear with Donald Trump is he’s doing this just to stroke his ego and make his TV show go higher.”

A memo from Republican Assemblyman Bill Nojay — picked up by The New York Post’s Fred Dicker this morning — argued Trump would be an effective candidate against Gov. Andrew Cuomo next year.

In a phone interview with Nojay, the lawmaker told me the intention of the memo wasn’t to push Trump into the race, but suggest a candidate of his name recognition to draw even with the governor in the suburbs and defeat him upstate.

Nojay will be a guest on Capital Tonight with Liz this evening.

While it’s unlikely Trump will be on the ballot come 2014, Dadey expects Republicans will be competitive next year despite the Democratic advantage in this state, adding the off-cycle November elections this year will clarify potential GOP candidates.

“I think we’ll have a very good name candidate after this election,” he said.

Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner, the Democratic Party co-chairwoman who has differed with Cuomo this year on his pension-smoothing proposal, said airing Trump’s name suggests Republicans have something of a dry well.

“I think the governor has been a very strong governor and I think you see the fact that there no Republicans, no traditional Republicans, willing to step up and run against him that they’ve now been reduced to chasing celebrity candidates,” she said. “I think it shows the strength of the governor and I would be surprised if Donald Trump runs.”