After Senate Republicans filed a motion in state Supreme Court to quash a subpoena aimed at its campaign committee, the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption’s co-chairs said in a statement this afternoon it indeed has the authority to seek the information.

At the heart is a legal argument over whether the commission — appointed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Attorney General Eric Schneiderman — has the power to investigate the legislative branch of government.

In the statement, commission co-chairs Kathleen Rice, Bill Fitzpatrick and Milton Williams assert the deputizing of its members by Schneiderman grants them the authority to issue the subpoena.

“In addition to Executive Law 6 and the Executive order, the Moreland Commission has full legal authority, as Deputy Attorneys General, granted by the Attorney General, under Executive Law 63(8) to proceed with this investigation. We had hoped the Senate Republicans would willingly cooperate and they did not,” the co-chairs said in the statement. “We will prevail in court.”