The coalition backing the casino expansion amendment called NY Jobs Now has registered as a political referendum committee with the state Board of Elections — a distinction that comes with disclosure, but no contribution limits.

The committee, which includes elected officials, labor leaders and even a former football star, was formed by the executive leadership of the state Business Council.

J. Patrick Barrett, counted among the members of the casino coalition, is also a member of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Moreland Commission, which is investigating campaign finance laws, The Daily News first reported.

Unlike a committee backing a specific candidate, a ballot referendum committee doesn’t adhere to limits on contributions, making them closer to housekeeping or “soft money” accounts.

“That’s pretty well established by the courts that there are no contributions limits,” said NYPIRG’s Bill Mahoney. “It’s no surprise that the casino issue will draw a lot of special interest money.”

It’s also not the only committee formed in response to the casino expansion proposal. A group called Citizens for NYS Gaming, Inc., has also signed on to advocate for the casino amendment, according to this BOE filing.

The BOE’s website on contribution limits itself says, “There are no limits on contributions for ballot issues.”

Such a committee comes after efforts this year to overhaul the state’s campaign-finance laws failed in the Legislature.

Supporting a referedum through a specific committee is rare, but it isn’t unusual.

Referendum committes were created in response to the Silver-Bruno budget reform amendment in 2005, the last time a controversial constitutional amendment was put before voters.

But unlike previous proposals to change to the state’s constitution, a lot more money is on the line this time around with the casino referendum, and its passage means the opening of a lucrative market for the gambling industry.

Though the group’s members have strong ties to Cuomo it indicated it will work with “any elected official” that supports the casino referendum.