JCOPE has proposed changes to its donor disclosure rules, and is requiring all those organizations seeking exemptions – including New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms – to refile their requests.

The changes first proposed back in September are now in place under an “emergency” adoption that expires Jan 4., 2014, the ethics watchdog wants to raise the standard under which exemptions will be granted, requiring organizations to demonstrate that their donors would face a “substantial liklihood” of harm or reprisal if their names are made public rather than just a “reasonable probability.”

Also, the current regulations keeps confidential all materials submitted by organizations in connection with exemption requests. Under JCOPE’s proposed changes, all information submitted would be publicly available.

Remember that so far, the only organization to receive an exemption is NARAL Pro-Choice NY, which didn’t sit too well with Senate GOP Leader Dean Skelos. Other groups, including Family Planning Advocates of New York and NYCLU, have also filed requests for exemption, but so far have not received them.

NYCF’s second letter to JCOPE seeking exemption from donor disclosure rules. by liz_benjamin6490