The pro-casino ballot referendum committee New York Jobs Now has raised $2 million to fund an effort boosting next month’s constitutional amendment to expand gambling in New York.

The group reported in its campaign-finance filing late Friday that it had spent $360,843 and has $1.7 million in the bank.

New York Jobs Now is receiving most of its money from companies operating racinos in the state, including Empire Resorts, Yonkers Racing Corporation and Saratoga Harness Racing.

The coalition, which is being coordinated by the state Business Council, has spent $125,000 on “digital advertising” with the Global Strategy Group and $45,000 in consulting fees with Metropolitan Public Strategies, the company founded by former chief of staff to Attorney Generla Eric Schneiderman Neal Kwatra.

An advertising campaign airing in the New York City area began this week, but does not appear to have began in time to be reflected in the campaign-finance report.

Ballot referendum committees can raise unlimited amounts of cash.

Casino Money by Nick Reisman