A robocall from Gov. Andrew Cuomo in support of the amendment to expand casino gambling is making the rounds on Monday.

The call was funded by New York Jobs Now, a coalition of casino companies and labor organizations that support the amendment.

“We’re grateful for the support of Democrats and Republicans from around the state, including Governor Cuomo,” said New York Jobs Now spokesman Stu Loeser in an email responding to inquiry about the robocall.

A script of the call and the audio was not made available.

If you’ve received it, please feel free to send any details along to Liz or myself.

Cuomo, of course, is the architect of the current effort to expand casino operations in New York to commercial companies, having shepherded the amendment through the legislative hurdles.

Cuomo has limited his campaigning for the amendment to this robocall and meeting personally with newspaper editorial boards to tout the potential benefits of casino gambling, which supporters have pegged at job creation, increased school aid and lower property taxes.

The amendment to expand casino gambling in New York would authorize up to seven casinos statewide, but companion legislation will limit the first phase of construction to the Southern Tier, the Catkskills and the Albany area, with four slated to be built during that time.