Former Manhattan Bronx Borough President Freddy Ferrer is popping up a pro-casino robocall that’s going to Latino homes across the state.

In the call, obtained by Capital Tonight on Tuesday, Ferrer says the amendment to expand casino gambling in New York is a “win-win for our community” and touts it as a job creator.

“I’m calling today to urge you to join me in flipping over the ballot and voting yes on proposal one on November 5th,” says Ferrer, the 2005 Democratic nominee for New York City mayor. “It’s a win-win for our community. New Yorkers spend over $1.2 billion each year at casinos and hotels in neighboring states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Let’s bring that money back here to our city and state. Proposal one will create thousands of good paying jobs for our community and generate hundreds of millions of dollars in new funding for our schools.”

The robocall was paid for by New York Jobs, the pro-casino coalition composed of gambling companies and labor unions that is backing the amendment.

The Ferrer robocall dovetails with a similar call from Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the originator of the casino amendment, who appears in a similar call. Indeed, the scripts are very similar, though the governor also adds property tax relief is a benefit of casinos as well.

“I’m calling about proposal one. It’s one the ballot this election day, November 5th.  Proposal one would bring much needed jobs to upstate New York,” Cuomo says in his robocall. “It would keep roughly one point two billion dollars in New York that we lose to neighboring states… Proposal one is on the backside of the ballot so you will need to pay attention to find it, but it’s worth.”

Both calls can be heard here:

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