Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos on Friday distributed a memo to members of his GOP conference outlining the reasons why the Legislature is trying to quash subpoenas from Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Moreland Commission.

The subpoenas are aimed at forcing some lawmakers to disclose more information on their outside income as well as their legal clients.

Subpoenas have also been sent to law firms that employ state lawmakers, and campaign committees for the legislative conferences.

In his memo to lawmakers, Skelos, who is employed at a Long Island law firm himself, told his conference members the Legislature does not believe the commission has the authority to probe the Assembly and Senate.

The joint Assembly-Senate motion to toss the subpoena from Moreland out is expected to be filed later Friday.

“Counsel for the Senate Republican Conference, Senate Independent Democratic Conference and Assembly are in agreement that it is an improper and illegal use of Executive authority for appointees of that branch of government to “investigate the Legislature” merely because the Commissioners would like to compel passage of proposed legislation,” Skelos wrote. “In addition, it is improper to harass legislators’ employers with overbroad subpoenas in an attempt to force a vote. Therefore, we are joining the Assembly today in filing court papers which seek to quash those subpoenas.”

And in a mirror of what law firm Harris Beach wrote in its own filing pushing back at a subpoena aimed at Sen. Michael Nozzolio, Skelos says the commission is essentially meant to “coerce or threaten” the Legislature into approving anti-corruption legislation.

As well, numerous statements have been made that the investigation is occurring because the Legislature did not enact proposed “reform” legislation,” he wrote. “These actions amount to an attempt to coerce or threaten the Legislature and upset the separation of powers that exists between the Executive and Legislative branches, and cannot be accepted.”

Earlier today The Daily News posted a memo from Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who called the subpoenas an “abuse of process.”

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