An overall of the top ethics regulator in New York is needed so that staffers of the executive or legislative branch don’t wind up running its day-to-day operations, the New York Public Interest Research Group said in a report issued Monday.

At the same time, the good-government group is calling attention to a little-known loophole in state law that if closed would limit the flow of campaign cash raised for a state race to a federal-level super PAC.

The report lays out NYPIRG’s wish list as to were for the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption to take up in its preliminary report due to be released next month.

At the same time, NYPIRG is calling on an end to fundraisers in Albany during the legislative session.

“We believe this is an historic opportunity to build the case, to make the case, that Albany’s too-often pay-to-play culture needs to be changed,” NYPIRG legislative director Blair Horner said a news conference at the Capitol.

The commission, created by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, is grappling with the Legislature over the extent of its power to subpoena their outside income and business clients.

But some of the NYPIRG recommendations touch on Cuomoland as well.

The Wall Street Journal reported this month that Cuomo would take some of his nearly $30 million war chest and transfer it to a federal level super PAC (Cuomo told The Buffalo News last week that he wasn’t running for president).

“If a candidate has a lot of money in the bank account and is proposing a run for a federal office, this will have to stay in New York state, they’ll have to close down their state committee and this money can’t be transferred to help at any level of government,” said NYPIRG researcher Bill Mahoney.

The state’s top ethics watchdog, the Joint Commission on Public Ethics, appointed in October a new executive director who has worked in the governor’s office and earlier for him when he was attorney general.

Some JCOPE commission members — those not appointed by Cuomo, specifically — were uncomfortable with the appointment of Letizia Tagliafierro, following the resignation of Ellen Biben, the governor’s former inspector general.

“We believe the structure of JCOPE needs to be overhauled,” Horner said. “It has to be clear that public officials cannot sit on the board, on the commission itself. We would like to see a revolving door limit so that staff that are either in the executive or legislative branches are unable to become the executive director of JCOPE or the Legislative Ethics Commission.”

Blueprint to Moreland Commission by Nick Reisman