The Moreland Commission on Public Corruption isn’t about putting lawmakers in the pillory, but spurring some sort of ethics overhaul in the Legislature, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said in an interview on WCNY’s Capitol Pressroom.

Schneiderman insisted the commission is not meant to be a “prosecutorial agency” bent on tossing people in jail, but one with a goal of finding reforms to implement.

“If we don’t get reforms done, this is not going to accomplish what it intended,” Schneiderman said in the interview.

To be sure, the commission’s mandate does require it to refer criminal wrongdoing to law enforcement.

Among those reforms: the public financing of political campaigns.

“I think public financing should be a part of whatever comes out of this,” the attorney general said.

The AG said he was heartened that Moreland Commission co-chairman Bill Fitzpatrick, a Republican district attorney from Onondaga County, recently said he was in favor of publicly financed campaigns.

Moreland is due to release a preliminary report on Dec. 1, as speculation grows the commission may recommend a constitutional amendment for public financing.

But whether Senate Republicans would go along with the move is in doubt.

A public financing effort failed in the Legislature this past session, despite a well-funded advocacy campaign and Cuomo’s support.