After the Senate Republican Campaign Committee struck a deal with the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption on information being released to the panel, the conference’s leader re-affirmed there is a bright line between the executive and legislative branches.

The SRCC agreement with the commission doesn’t impact the lawsuit filed by Assembly and Senate leaders leaders last week that’s is challenging the Moreland Commission’s subpoena power against the Legislature.

Cuomo in a radio interview Wednesday morning said the SRCC’s plan to comply undermines the argument being made that the commission — a product of the executive branch given extra authority by the state attorney general — can investigate the legislative branch of government.

“Anyone with a basic understanding of the Constitution knows that separation of powers exists between two distinct branches of government,” Skelos said in the statement. “This concept is an important part of our democracy, and is separate and unrelated to the action announced today involving the Senate Republican Campaign Committee. Since this is a pending legal matter that is currently before the Courts, the Governor should, at the very least, respect the role of the judiciary and allow that branch to weigh the merits of this case.”