From the morning memo, the second item:

While we know who is paying for the well-heeled and well-funded New York Jobs Now campaign, it’s not entirely clear who is backing the anti-casino committee.

The group is clearly not spending as much money as the pro-casino forces, which are propped by a coalition of gambling interests both from here in New York and even Las Vegas, along with major labor organizations like the United Federation of Teachers.

But the group has paid for a TV ad featuring former Gov. Mario Cuomo’s own opposition to casino expansion in 1994 (Jobs Now rushed out a statement from Cuomo the elder that disavowed his past stance) that is airing on cable TV.

Despite the modest media campaign, the anti-casino group is yet to file a campaign finance report with the state Board of Elections any 24-hour notices are yet to appear online.

“It appears the opponents of Proposal One are violating the state’s campaign finance laws, and now the public is in the dark about who is paying for their misleading ads promoting an anti-jobs agenda,” New York Jobs Now said in a statement. “For the sake of transparency, will this Committee come clean before the election, or will they run out the clock?”