Gov. Andrew Cuomo this morning praised incoming Mayor Bill de Blasio’s selection of Bill Bratton to succeed Ray Kelly as police commissioner in New York City.

Bratton, who had long been rumored to be in line for the job following de Blasio’s November victory, previously served as the NYPD commissioner under Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

“Mayor Elect de Blasio has made a smart choice for New York in picking Bill Bratton, a law enforcement veteran with a proven record, to lead the City’s police force. As the former Police Commissioner of Boston, Los Angeles and New York, Bill Bratton took on and successfully reined in historically high crime in some of the nation’s largest cities. I commend Mayor Elect de Blasio on his pick and congratulate Bill Bratton on his appointment.”

In Bratton, de Blasio is turning to a known quantity, especially as he faced criticism during the general election campaign over whether he would be able to effectively keep the city safe post-Bloomberg.

In a statement, de Blasio called Bratton a “proven crime-fighter” with the experience needed to keep the city safe.

“Bill Bratton is a proven crime-fighter. He knows what it takes to keep a city safe, and make communities full partners in the mission. Together, we are going to preserve and deepen the historic gains we’ve made in public safety—gains Bill Bratton helped make possible. And we will do it by rejecting the false choice between keeping New Yorkers safe and protecting their civil rights. This is an Administration that will do both,” said Mayor-Elect Bill de Blasio.

Updated: Attorney General Eric Schneiderman weighed in as well on Bratton selection, praising the move.

“I’ve known Bill Bratton for more than a decade — he is one of the most knowledgeable and effective people in American law enforcement, and the right choice for New York City Police Commissioner,” Schneiderman said in a statement. “As a leading national architect of community policing, he understands that partnerships, problem-solving and prevention are instrumental in driving down crime. His development of CompStat was a revolutionary innovation that changed the face of policing and made us all safer. And New Yorkers can be confident that Commissioner Bratton will continue the critical work of guarding against terrorist threats to our city. People in every community in New York City will be well-served with Bill Bratton at the helm of the NYPD.”