Bronx Sen. Ruben Diaz is something of an outlier for the mainline Democratic conference, notably being a vocal social conservative on issues like abortion and same-sex marriage.

But he’s also one of the few, if only, Democratic lawmakers in the chamber opposed to public financing of political campaigns.

And in his latest What You Should Know email blast, Diaz praises the seven members of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Moreland Commission on Public Corruption who dissented on the recommendation that a donor matching system be introduced.

Diaz questioned the use of public money for political activities, when he believes it should be directed to programs for the needy.

“There were seven dissenters and I stand with these magnificent seven members of the Moreland Commission. I stand with these magnificent seven members of the Moreland Commission in their statement that public funds should not be used for political campaigns,” Diaz wrote. “Why should public funds be used for my political campaign when just the other day the New York Daily News described the Bronx as “the hungriest borough?” Why should public money be used to finance political campaigns when our homeless shelters are overflowing and affordable housing is so scarce? How can any politician in good conscience accept public money for his or her campaign when so many of their constituents continue to struggle to support their families?”

Senate Republicans are in staunch opposition as well to public financing, having blocked the most recent efforts this year to create a system.

Diaz’s no vote is illustrative of the uphill slog a public matching system faces in the Legislature, though Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on WCNY’s The Capitol Pressroom today he’ll continue to push the measure and would have already had an ethics measure had not been for holding out on public financing.