The Moreland Commission is holding a meeting via conference call from locations all throughout the state. Sources say the preliminary report is expected to go to Governor Cuomo this morning. He will then make a determination about the timing of it’s release. Technically speaking, it was due yesterday, December 1. But with the long holiday weekend, many of the Commissioners were away. The train derailment in the Bronx may also be a factor is dictating when the report is made public. Governor Cuomo has been taking the lead in managing the derailment crisis, and while establishing cause is now in the hands of the NTSB, the story will no doubt dominate the news cycle for at least a coupla more days.

Insiders had been saying Monday for the report’s release at the earliest, but others had been saying Tuesday all along. The much-anticipated report is expected to focus on mitigating public corruption, and may include a recommendation for publicly financed campaigns. New York City currently employs a system of public financing, and many participants hold it up as a model for success. However, critics counter that Citizens United has rendered common sense limits moot, and implementing the New York City system statewide would cost taxpayers nearly $300 million per year.

On Wednesday, advocates for clean elections plan to hold a press conference on the steps of New York City Hall. Their hope is that the report is public by then, and it includes the public financing component as one of it’s recommendations.