The Democratic-led Assembly on Monday approved the 10-point package of measures aimed at women as first proposed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo last year.

The bill was approved 80-36.

But once again, the passage of the measures as a single piece in the state Senate, where Republicans retain some control and blocked a provision that was aimed at codifying Roe v. Wade, remains in doubt.

The Capitol on Monday included a rally for the agenda in the Legislative Office Building, with many lawmakers donning either pink scarves (for women) or pink bow ties (for men) to show their support for the legislation.

In a statement, the women members of the Democratic conference in the Assembly called for the Senate passage of the omnibus.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to pass the package at the beginning of this session, giving constituents across the State the chance to reach out to those Senators who control the State Senate who have blocked this bill from a vote,” the women said in a statement.

The announcement of the 10-point agenda came with much fanfare from Cuomo during his third State of the State address in 2013.

The agenda includes measures aimed at pay equity, curbing human trafficking and housing discrimination as well as the abortion provision.

Opponents of abortion contended the provision went too far and opposed it. But advocates of the agenda last year sought to turn up pressure on the Senate and specifically the Independent Democratic Conference, which is in a power-sharing agreement with the Senate GOP.

In June, Cuomo announced he was breaking the package into 10 separate bills, which were passed piecemeal by the Senate.

IDC Leader Jeff Klein attempted to attach the abortion measure as an amendment to a different bill, but fell short of votes.

This year, Cuomo remains a supporter of the women’s agenda, but it was not a major point of emphasis in his State of the State address.

Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos said earlier this month the abortion plank remained a non-starter for his conference.

Still, abortion advocates and women’s groups remain very much in favor of the entire package and are refocusing their efforts on passing the plan this year.

“The Senate now has the opportunity to take up the Women’s Equality Act in its entirety,” NARAL Pro-Choice’s Andrea Miller. “We strongly encourage the Senate to heed the needs of New York women and the wishes of the voting public, and follow the Assembly’s lead in passing the full 10-point Women’s Equality Act without delay.”