A measure that would authorize a one percent sales tax increase for Ulster County was approved by the Senate on Thursday.

Normally, that’s not news.

But the bill was bottled up in the ongoing debate over New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s need to have the state approve a tax hike on the wealthy in order to fund his pre-Kindgarten proposal.

As The Daily News reported last week, Independent Democratic Conference Leader Jeff Klein had indicated he would not allow votes on so-called “home rule” legislation granting approval for municipalities to raise their taxes if it meant the de Blasio plan wouldn’t see a vote.

Klein has been one of the major backers of de Blasio’s pre-K plan.

The Ulster County bill had been held up initially as a way to send a message to the Senate GOP.

But today, the measure was voted on by the Senate after about 24 hours of back and forth was approved.

“I think there were certain members of the Senate who were concerned about local revenue measures,” said Assemblyman Kevin Cahill, an Ulster County Democrat. “I went over and explained to IDC Sen. Jeff Klein about the unique circumstances of Ulster County’s bill.”

As for whether the measure should have been held up because of the New York City tax proposal, Cahill said the de Blasio plan will be considered in a good time.

“I think we’ll deal with it when we come to it,” Cahill said. “I think the issue of taxation is one municipalities should have a great deal to say about.”

In a statement, Klein, D-Bronx, said the measure’s passage was “an example” of Albany approving a local tax permission bill in order to address urgent needs.

“The successful passage of Ulster County’s home rule bill is an example of the state legislature working with a local government to raise its sales tax to 4% in order to address urgent county needs. As Assemblyman Cahill made clear to us last night, this is not taxing for the sake of taxing–instead, it is granting Ulster County the taxing authority it needs in order to set its own fiscal course. By voting in favor of this legislation, Republicans have made it clear that they are willing to raise taxes when local needs hang in the balance. I commend Assemblyman Cahill for his leadership on guiding this bill through the legislature and I look forward to treating other localities with the same deference throughout this legislative session.”