Vice President Joe Biden in Albany on Wednesday called on America to re-invest in infrastructure while also praising Gov. Andrew Cuomo to implementing responses to extreme weather events.

Biden touched down at Albany International Airport shortly after 10:45 this morning and arrived at the Capitol for a Red Room event roughly a hour later.

The vice president was at the Capitol to roll out federal disaster assistance that will be used for infrastructure projects and other upgrades.

All told, Gov. Andrew Cuomo plans 1,000 projects costing roughly $16 million, most of which will be paid by the federal government.

The plan includes beefing up the number of weather stations across the state as well as a plan to retrofit the city’s subway system and establish a college to teach emergency preparedness.

Biden compared the infrastructure upgrades and the need nationally to do so with historic New York projects like the Erie Canal and the Brooklyn Bridge.

At the same time, Biden, a potential 2016 candidate for president as is Cuomo, was effusive in his praise for the governor.

You’re not just leading New York, you’re leading the country,” Biden said.

But Biden was also critical of the lack of progress being made when it comes to Congress approving infrastructure upgrades, decrying how the most modern airports in the world are overseas.

“It’s not enough to replace just what’s been damaged by natural disaster,” Biden said. “In situation where we have to once again act like America.”

The additional disaster aid comes following severe storms have impacted both the New York City region and upstate counties.

In making the case for recovery funds and projects, Cuomo has said the state needs to repair with future extreme storms in mind.

The event this morning was part of a multi-day roll out of Cuomo’s plans for the State of the State address, to be given on Wednesday in Albany.