In supporting Mayor Bill de Blasio’s income tax surcharge, Independent Democratic Conference Leader Jeff Klein compared on Sunday to allowing local governments to raise their own taxes and fees.

Items such as raising the sales tax for a county require a “home rule” measure in the Legislature (those sale tax increases have come under some scrutiny in recent sessions as Republicans in the Senate have occasionally balked at supporting them).

For the IDC’s Klein, however, the de Blasio proposal is a matter of home rule as well. New York City can’t raise its income tax without approval in Albany.

“We give localities all over the state the ability to raise taxes,” Klein told NY1’s Grace Rauh. “Every year we do increases in the sales tax, in the mortgage recording tax. Why should we allow Mayor de Blasio to have that same control over his locality, the city of New York?”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo reiterated on Monday at a news conference he backed universal pre-Kindergarten as a concept, but said paying for it requires a “broader conversation.” Cuomo today rolled out a plan to cut taxes by $2.2 billion over the next several years.

Klein, meanwhile, is tracking to Cuomo’s left on the issue, embracing a measure that is the centerpiece of a new mayor’s administration who has captured the support of a liberal establishment.

“This is not just a tax for the sake of taxing people,” Klein said. “This is a tax with a very defined and important purpose, giving universal pre-K for all.”