Count Assembly Minority Leader Brian Klob among Republicans who were deeply offended by Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s assertion last week that people with “extreme” viewpoints on abortion rights and gun control – in other words, those who disagree with him on this hot button issues – have “no place” in New York.

Cuomo made those comments during an interview with The Capitol Pressroom’s Susan Arbetter last Friday, and they took the Internet by storm, with conservative bloggers and news outlets leading the indignant charge against the governor. That included the NY Post, to which Cuomo issued an open letter over the weekend, accusing the downstate tabloid of “distorting” his words.

Kolb told me during an interview that will air tonight on CapTon that he re-listened to the governor’s interview, and does not believe there’s any way to twist or misconstrue his comments as anything but a straight up attack on the right.

“He offended me and I know he offended millions of others by his remarks,” Kolb said….and he tried to use the Washington lingo – maybe he’s preparing for his presidential run to start talking like they talk in Washington.”

“I find it as a Catholic offensive that when I believe we need to protect the lives of the unborn, that’s extreme. When I believe in the sanctity of a man and a woman as far as marriage, that’s extreme. When I believe in the sanctity of Second Amendment rights, that’s extreme. I find it extremely offensive, extremely intolerant and I think there’s no place for the governor of this great state to say those kinds of words…I think the governor really stepped in it this time. I think he was wrong, and I think he owes us all an apology because of those radial remarks.”

Kolb also noted that it’s not just Republicans who hold conservative views. For example, some members of the African American community – like, say, Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. – happen to be enrolled Democrats, but also oppose abortion and gay marriage.

Though he feels very strongly about this particular issue, Kolb does agree with much of what Cuomo has proposed so far – and is expected to lay out in greater detail during tomorrow’s budget address – when it comes to tax cuts. He does wish the governor would take things a bit further, however, when it comes to mandate relief.

My full interview with Kolb will air at 8 p.m. anf 11:30 p.m.

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