Just when you the thought the Dennis Gabryszak story couldn’t get any stranger, Friday, it did.  It turns out one of the seven women accusing the former Assemblyman of sexual harassment actually donated to his campaign.

Kristy Mazurek told Time Warner Cable New Reporter Ryan Whalen Friday she made the donation in July of 2013 after she stopped working for Gabryszak, but before she filed a notice of claim against him.

“I attend fundraisers on a weekly basis to keep tabs on elected officials and what’s going on in the community as part of research for my political talk show. In this particular case, I was supporting candidates for the Erie County Legislature and purchased a ticket for one of the candidates to meet and greet constituents,” Mazurek said.

The $55 ticket went to Gabryszak’s campaign fund.  Mazurek, a political operative and co-host of WGRZ-TV’s 2 Sides, has also donated to Lancaster Town Council Members and the Lancaster and Cheektowaga Democratic Committees.

“I work in politics, so it’s part of my job to attend fundraisers,” said Mazurek.

Political Strategist Jack O’Donnell, who’s also donated to Gabryszak’s campaign in the past, downplayed the donation.

“Kristy is someone who’s been very active in politics her whole life and especially the last couple of years in Western New York. So for her to make a contribution to someone, regardless of her personal feelings or personal dealings with people, I don’t think there’s much to read into that,” O’Donnell said.

O’Donnell says, as strange as it may sound to the public, in the world of politics personal feelings are often put aside.

“Sometimes there are folks that you may not like but you think they’re doing the right things in terms of the budget or a particular issue, so you support them anyway,” said O’Donnell.

Gabryszak retired from the Assembly Sunday, a day before the new legislative session in Albany was set to begin.  In the days following that announcement, new details about the accusations against him have been made public.

Late Friday afternoon, the Attorney General’s office announced it had denied Gabryszak’s request for the state to cover any fees associated with his legal defense.  But, it appears Gabryszak has another source to draw from; his campaign coffers.

“The candidate and now the former candidate is entitled to maintain that money in the campaign fund but it’s not to be used for personal usage,” said Erie County Elections Commissioner Dennis Ward.

According to campaign finance disclosures filed Thursday, Gabryszak still has $4,400 left in his war chest.  In an Ironic twist, Ward said Gabryszak could use the same money Mazurek donated to defend himself against claims made by Mazurek.

“In defense of actions which took place as part of the public office, whether you not agree with what the type of actions were here, as they relate to his public office, those funds are useable, yes,” Ward added.

As weird as it maybe, O’Donnell said, in the end $4,400 won’t come close to covering Gabryszak’s legal bills.