New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has been taking some heat on these cold winter days, namely for not closing schools on Thursday despite the heavy snow fall.

De Blasio was even criticized from a distance by weatherman Al Roker, who later apologized for the tone he took with the mayor on Twitter.

But Gov. Andrew Cuomo on WNYC this morning that being second guessed is part of the job.

“These decisions you get second guessed either way. Welcome to the job. That’s why we get the big bucks,” he said while laughing.

Cuomo said he makes comparative decisions during storms as well. He was criticized this month for closing Interstate 84, a move he defended on Thursday in a conference call with reporters.

But the governor, currently battling with de Blasio over a tax to fund pre-Kindergarten programs in the city, sympathized with the mayor’s decision making.

“On any of these situations, second guessing is very easy,” Cuomo said. “I make decisions which are analogous. Do I close roads or keep roads open? If you close a road, you get criticized that you closed the road and you affected commerce and people and local businesses got hurt etc.”

Cuomo is still mindful of the time the Long Island Expressway was kept open during a bad winter storm that stranded motorists as result.

“If you keep the road open and, God forbid, people get stuck, which has happened to me on a number of occasions, then they say, ‘what were you thinking keeping the road open? How did you keep the road open?”