The decision to close roads isn’t an easy one and critics will always second guess either way, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in a conference call on the latest round of winter weather New York is being hit with today.

So far, no major highways or portions of the state’s Thruway system have been shut down due to the weather. The governor said that could change, depending on potentially icy situations later in the day.

Cuomo was criticized by some — including Sen. Greg Ball — for the temporary closure of Interstate 84 between Pennsylvania and Connecticut due to the last storm.

“These decisions if you do it right it looks simple because no one gets hurt,” Cuomo said. “The flip side is when you don’t decide to close the road and then you have people stranded on the LIE you have a situation when loss of life is possible.”

Cuomo said criticism will come either way, but he prefers to “err on the side of caution” when it comes to closing roads.

“It’s one of those situations when they can second guess you either way,” he said, citing the time the Long Island Expressway remained open during a storm that left drivers stranded in their cars. “You don’t close the roads and then they say what a mistake, you should have closed them. We tend to err on the side of caution.”

Cuomo has also sought to make himself highly visible during a storm, or at least get his voice out there in these emergency conference calls.

The governor said he’s doing that because any storm can kill and he doesn’t want people to get “cocky.”

“These storms are more frequent and they’re more ferocious,” he said. “I said earlier that every storm now seems to have a secret curve ball thrown throughout the storm. I’ve seen how close we’ve come to massive loss of life. I’ve seen loss of life during these storms.”