Dutchess County Republicans have two candidates to take on Democrat Terry Gipson.

No, that’s not a sentence from 2012, but the current situation in the Hudson Valley Senate race where two Republicans have split support from the local GOP, Conservative and Independence parties.

Republicans this week announced their support for Dutchess County Legislature Chairman Rob Rolison, though a primary isn’t necessarily being ruled out.

Previously, the county comptroller, Jim Coughlan, received the designated support from the local Conservative and Independence parties.

Gipson, a Democrat in his first term, managed to win the Senate seat in 2012 as Republican incumbent Stephen Saland — a supporter of same-sex marriage legalization — lost the key Conservative Party ballot line to Neil DiCarlo that year.

DiCarlo’s presence in the race helped siphon votes from Saland and pave the way for a Gipson win.

Whether the current ballot-line situation in the Senate race can be sorted out remains to be seen, but Republicans in Albany will likely hope for a more settled field, considering they have been long eyeing Gipson’s seat as vulnerable.