Saying that Gov. Andrew Cuomo has committed a “dereliction of duty” by not allowing hydrofracking in the state’s Southern Tier, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino in web video says he would allow the controversial natural-gas process to move forward if elected governor.

“We need leadership just like 30 other governors in the United States have led their states to explore natural gas reliably, responsibly, the way it should be done,” Astorino said in the YouTube video posted on Thursday.

In the video, Astorino stands in front of a black-and-white map of the state with the Southern Tier counties prominently over his shoulder.

Astorino, who is yet to declare his candidacy for governor, will travel to Broome and Tioga counties on Friday. He is expected to attend several meetings with local officials and then appear at the Broome County GOP’s Lincoln Day dinner reception.

“We are blessed in New York and specifically in the southern Tier to have all this natural gas right under our feet,” Astorino said. “And to not reasonably and responsibly try natural gas exploration is a dereliction of duty by the governor. I would allow it going forward.:

Astorino said allowing fracking to go forward would create “tens of thousands of jobs” and said he would find agreements with environmental groups.

“There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be drilling for natural gas,” he said.

The state has missed multiple regulatory deadlines to allow hydrofracking permits to move forward. The state Department of Health is reviewing the impact of the process on human health, but is yet to release any findings.