A lengthy open letter to Republican Chairman Ed Cox from 2010 gubernatorial nominee Carl Paladino strongly indicated the Buffalo businessman will run for governor if Donald Trump isn’t the GOP standard bearer this year against Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Paladino again reiterated to Cox that he wants Republicans — especially the party’s nominee this year against Cuomo — to nominate a candidate who supports unseating the legislative leaders in the Senate and Assembly, Dean Skelos and Brian Kolb.

Likely Republican candidate Rob Astorino, the Westchester County executive, has said he won’t focus on that, however.

Paladino, in the email, says Trump is the candidate to take on Cuomo, not Astorino.

“A ritualistic, underfunded Astorino candidacy doesn’t work for the rank and file,” Paladino wrote. “Playing the same old game and hoping for a miracle, instead of changing the rules and making it happen, illustrates how the Republican establishment has devolved to be so brazenly disrespectful of the rank and file. Rob is a good man and will be a great Governor someday, but not now. Republicans and the great majority of their County Chairs say they want Trump.”

Paladino has vowed to seek the Conservative Party nomination for governor if the Republicans fail to nominate a candidate who doesn’t support the ouster of Skelos and Kolb.

And now, that promise includes putting “the deal together to run Trump.”

“If you don’t and you chose to play more games, the rank and file will no longer want you as their leader and I will re-consider all of my options. Don’t take it personally. It’s business.” he wrote.

Paladino, who is a registered Republican, would need permission from Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long to run on the ballot line.

Long has said the concern over the legislative leadership isn’t his fight.