Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver called Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s panel to investigate corruption a “fishing expedition” that has gone beyond its authority in investigative legislative corruption.

The Assembly will spend an additional $300,000 of taxpayer money defending itself against the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption’s subpoenas to gain more information on lawmakers’ outside income.

Silver, at a news conference on Tuesday for the Dream Act legislation, seemingly read a word-for-word statement when asked about the commission.

“The Assembly will do what’s appropriate to do, it’s important to root our corruption. But the commission we believe has exceeded its mandated and has been engaged in a fishing expedition to intimidate legislators and the state is spending a great deal of money to conduct this fishing expedition,” he said. “I think that so far the greatest result they have come to is what this conference has been saying and doing for the past 25 years — public campaign financing.”

“I’m glad that the Moreland Commission has agreed with that,” he added.

Cuomo’s $142 billion budget proposal includes a public financing system similar to New York City’s system, along with a series of ethics and anti-bribery measures.

The commission was formed last year following no legislative responses to a string of corruption cases in the Senate and Assembly.