A flyer being distributed by UPKNYC at the Capitol by advocates for universal pre-Kindergarten gives a side-by-side comparison of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s proposal to fund the program through a tax hike in New York City versus Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s statewide approach.

Their conclusion: Cuomo’s plan doesn’t provide enough funding.

The flyer comes amid Cuomo’s own efforts to create a statewide plan out of existing budget funds, with $1.5 billion spent over five years. The first year would fund pre-K programs at $100 million, but advocates for the city proposal believe more money is needed for it to be fully funded.

Cuomo has been resisting calls for an income tax hike in New York City that would impact those who earn $500,000 and more a year. The measure, which has to be signed off on in Albany, has been a signature proposal for de Blasio.

The governor’s 30-day amendments did not include more funding for the pre-K proposal.

UPKNYC-2014-0003_FINAL by Nick Reisman