A web ad released this morning from the Congressional campaign of Republican Lee Zeldin is blasting primary opponent George Demos for attempting to tie the state lawmaker to funding for Obamacare.

Demos has been knocking both Zeldin and Democratic Rep. Tim Bishop for the federal health care law in both TV and radio ads.

But Demos has singled out Zeldin for approving state budgets that included federal pass-through money to implement the law in New York.

The strategy has angered Zeldin supporters, who have called the Demos claims a “lie.” Indeed, the claims have gotten so heated that a spokesman for the state GOP compared Demos to genital herpes, which led to a quick apology.

Now in a YouTube video Tuesday morning, Zeldin is referred to as a staunch opponent of Obamacare and “conservative Republican.”

“Lee Zeldin has never and will never support Obamacare. The ads are nothing more than shameful attempts to deceive voters, representing the absolute worst in politics,” said Zeldin campaign manager Chapin Fay. “Our campaign is based on honor and integrity and we are confident that the voters in the First Congressional District will see through the lies and stand behind the only honest, proven, principled candidate, Senator Lee Zeldin.”

Update: The Demos campaign responded in a statement, and makes a reference to the STD-comment from last week.

“The Zeldin campaign has launched another personally negative assault at George Demos. Getting beyond that teenage name calling, they make one substantive denial of fact. They state that Lee Zeldin opposes Obamacare. If that is true, then why did the State Senator Zeldin vote on March 27, 2013, to federally fund the Obamacare exchange in New York State? That’s a fact. Indisputable. And name calling and mud slinging doesn’t make it so. Why doesn’t the State Senator Zeldin simply admit he voted for the exchange? After all it’s printed in New York State Senate bill S2600E-2013.”