Mayor Bill de Blasio’s request to use state funds to help subsidize rental costs for the homeless leaving city shelters came too late, Gov. Andrew Cuomo told reporters outside of Syracuse on Monday.

Cuomo said he was sympathetic to the de Blasio’s administrations request, but called the proposal late, considering the state budget is due on Monday.

“It’s late in the day to put something in the actual budget,” Cuomo said. “The budget train has basically left the station. To start a new proposal, it’s too late.”

The governor was in Dewitt to stump for his property-tax freeze proposal, which he has called a top priority for him in the budget negotiations.

He has, however, made subtle changes to the proposal or indicated he would be willing to make alterations in the face of legislative opposition.

Cuomo wouldn’t say if he would hold up the budget in order to get his property tax proposal in place.

“It’s about a good budget most importantly,” he said.

Cuomo and state lawmakers have negotiated three spending plans in a row by the April 1 deadline.

As for funding universal pre-Kindergarten statewide, Cuomo said he and legislative leaders are “getting closer” to a final figure, but no agreement was in place yet.

A final agreement, he said, will essentially allow any school district that wants a pre-K program to get it online and paid for by the state. New York City, however, has moved more “aggressively” on the issue.

“We are getting closer to a number,” Cuomo said. “But it is just a number in that it’s going to depend on what the actual need is. It’s really going to be determined by the rate the local districts can create the pre-K and bring it online.”