Senate Finance Committee Chairman John DeFrancisco confirmed Monday afternoon that discussions are underway that might produce “tweaks” to the public financing proposal in the agreed-to 2014-15 state budget.

The budget proposes what amounts to a pilot program for public financing that would only impact the state comptroller’s race.

Advocates for statewide system, as well as Independent Democratic Conference Leader Jeff Klein are pushing for a broader public financing proposal in the final spending plan.

“I’m against public financing of elections. As far as providing a fund that’s available without taxpayers money, that’s up to negotiation,” DeFrancisco, R-Syracuse, said. “If people want to voluntarily contribute to a fund, but that’s not public dollars.”

The issue remains open for discussion even as the Senate and Assembly begin voting on various budget bills.

The measure with the public financing language is contained in the public protection, general government portion of the $138 billion spending plan.

“There’s still discussions about that and it’ll be resolved before we have to close down the budget debate,” he said.

It remains unclear what the scope of the changes will be, though DeFrancisco downplayed their impact.

“There might be some tweaks, but I don’t think there’s going to be tweaks that make a big difference,” he said. “But those tweaks are being discussed.”