As state lawmakers and Gov. Andrew Cuomo consider a two-tiered reimbursement format for pre-Kindergarten teacher certification, advocates for both parochial and community-based organizations are pushing back.

Sources on Thursday said state officials were closing in on a deal that would allow for a $10,000 reimbursement for teacher certification for public schools, while parochial and community-based organizations hosting pre-K programs would be in line for a $7,000 reimbursement.

The concern among universal pre-Kindergarten advocates is that this could limit the number of pre-K seats in those facilities.

The letter was signed by several religious organizations as well as the Diocese of Brooklyn.

Dear Legislators –

We strongly oppose the proposal to have a two-tiered reimbursement system for Pre-Kindergarten programs based on teacher certification.

Universal Pre-Kindergarten teachers who are working toward their certification should have funding for the support and teacher training they need to provide quality education while they are studying for their certification.

A lower reimbursement rate for some providers would lead to chaos and inequity in the early childhood system by cutting funds from community based organizations that provide care and education for New York’s children.

Please do the right thing for New York families and reject this last minute modification.