Independent Democaatic Conference Leader Jeff Klein has agreed to introduce a broader public financing measure, sources said on Monday.

The plan will allow the public protection-general government legislation to go through intact, which includes a measure to create a pilot program for the state comptroller’s race only.

The compromise version of the public financing system is opposed by advocates and good-government organizations who had hoped for a broader, statewide version of the program.

Klein had been working behind the scenes on Monday to modify the current pilot program that had been introduced Friday night.

Now, Klein turn his attention to pushing a larger public financing plan outside of the budget that would be based on the New York City model of the 6-to-1 public matching program.

Comptroller Tom DiNpaoli himself is against the budget proposal.

“After eight years of my call for campaign finance reform, I am disappointed that my public financing proposal was not enacted,” DiNapoli said, referring to a version of the pilot program he introduced. “The process was flawed: I was excluded from the negotiations, and it appears a historic opportunity was missed for comprehensive campaign finance reform and public financing for all statewide and legislative offices. There are also questions on whether this proposal can be fairly and reasonably implemented in such a short time frame.”

Senate Finance Committee Chairman John DeFrancisco said earlier that talks were underway to change the proposal, suggesting “tweaks” were in store for the proposal.

A vote in the Senate for a larger public financing proposal would likely face a steep climb: Senate Republicans remain opposed to any measure using taxpayer dollars to fund political campaigns.